The Development

Fishers Grove is an extension to the multiple award nominated Lainshaw Estate. The estate is steeped in history. Lainshaw House itself dates back hundreds of years and is the focus of the recently built development which sympathetically extends to the west. Fishers Grove is the current Phase which is located to the east of the Lainshaw House at the beginning of Montgomery Drive. The development currently has Planning Consent for 12 semi detached homes ranging from 3-5 bedrooms, with possibly further detached homes added to the south and east in due course.

The site is situated within mature woodlands which offers a unique country setting and has the river Annick on its southern boundary which runs parallel with the existing nature walk that links through the town and beyond.

Our Plans also include the enhancement of the woodland with additional tree planting along the riverbank and replacement planting to ensure the development is in harmony with the character of the area and the Estate.